Problems of Students in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where education system is developing. Students in Pakistan face a lot of problems while they strive to get education. Let us here discuss some of the main problems that a student might be a prey to while getting education.

Lack of access to education: In Pakistan, there is a high level of poverty, which makes it difficult for many children to attend school. Many children, especially in rural areas, are forced to work to support their families, depriving them of their right to education.

Poor quality of education: The quality of education in Pakistan is often poor, with inadequate facilities, untrained teachers, and a shortage of educational resources. This makes it difficult for students to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.

Inadequate funding: The government of Pakistan provides limited funding for education, which affects the quality and availability of educational opportunities. This results in overcrowded classrooms, outdated resources, and inadequate facilities, making it difficult for students to receive a quality education.

Gender disparities: There is a significant gender disparity in education in Pakistan, with many girls being denied the opportunity to attend school. This is due to cultural attitudes and poverty, which often result in girls being forced to work or marry at a young age.

Lack of teacher training: Many teachers in Pakistan lack proper training, which affects the quality of education that students receive. This can lead to students receiving an inadequate education that does not prepare them for the challenges of the modern world.

Financial problems:

Pakistan is a developing country and its education system is totally under development. Government has opened up many universities but that do not accomodate the number of students that need education per year. For this reason, many of the private institutions have been set up. As these institutions are purely for the business purpose hence, their fee structures are too high to be met by the people. As said earlier Pakistan is a developing country hence majority of her people are either poor or middle-class hence, it is really difficult for them to bear this much expenses.

Transportation Problems:

The means of transportation in Pakistan are really expensive. Most of the poor students face a great difficulty to reach to their institution as they either have to take the cheapest means of transportation or have to walk as they have no resources to support them in this regard. We must highlight the fact here that those who take vans or buses have to go through a lot. For-example; they have to ride on the buses that are packed with people that causes them to pass the whole journey standing. To add more, such busses are also filled with pickpockets that pick on their pockets and be the cause of stress for them. Here it is to be told that the most of the institutions both; private and government, have the facility of transportation but that does not fulfill the need of all the students and they have to take other means.

Language Problems:

Pakistan is a country with the national language as Urdu and Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Pushto and Balochi as the regional languages. The students of Pakistan are good at urdu and their regional languages. They feel it difficult to comprehend English language. For this reason, they fail to understand their subjects that in turn causes them to fail their exams.

Parents’ Impositions:

Would you ever love to do anything that is not of your choice? Would you like to solve arithmetic questions when your heart has a great love for Biology? No! you wouldn’t. Nobody can. Similar, is the case with the students who are forced by their parents to opt for the study programs that is of not their interest. Such students fail to give the output that matches their proficiencies that eventually leads to their failure in life.

Career Counseling:

Well! you would find it amazing to know that mostly students opt for either medicine or engineering. The main cause behind it is the reason that there is no concept of career counselling in Pakistan. Students find nobody to guide them in this regard and they end up with any of these two famous careers. As it is a known fact that not everybody is a perfect fit for these two careers hence, the students do not give the desired output that forces them to waste their important students years.

Dishonest Teachers:

In Pakistan most of the teachers are not sincere with their duties. They do not exert much on their students and shirk in their duties and work. As they do not facilitate their students totally hence, the students end up failing.

Other Factors:

In addition to the above mentioned factors there are few more factors as well that impact the students and their results badly. Mentioned below are some of them.

Load shedding that disturbs the students greatly.
Rude teachers
Unfriendly class fellows.
e books.


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  1. Very well explained about the problems of students, especially the carrier councieling.

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