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What to do if your Private Photos are Leaked

The Internet has successfully changed the functioning of the planet Earth. It has revolutionized communications to a great extent, where the Internet has secured a palace to be our most preferred medium of everyday communication. Where there are many advantages of using the vast web, there also lie a number of adverse aspects that the Internet can be used to promote.

In today’s ever-evolving criminal world, people have started using the Internet as a medium for fakeness, and the pursuit of other crimes has expanded to dramatic proportions.

The present generation, which is indulged in a number of online deceit, also encompasses pornography, child sex abuse, and the most common and leading topic, ‘leaked videos’ that often make their way to the wide web as an act of revenge by partners online.

Moreover, the increased use of mobile devices by our country’s children, teenagers, and adults has leveraged the criminals to communicate via digital platforms that have led the crime rate to a great magnitude. Several activities have become quite evident in the past few months/years. One such crime that has mostly made its way to the headlines has sexual aspects. These activities include sexual harassment text messages used for blackmailing purposes, leaked private videos used for blackmailing purposes, and trafficking of child pornography.

In Pakistan’s ultraconservative Islamic Republic, where mostly arranged marriages are the only accepted way of marriage. The young teenagers have diverted their attention towards the online platforms to find their love and break free from the norm.

More than 2.1 million people are officially estimated to have access to the Internet in Pakistan, a drop in the ocean of the population of 180 million, a reflection of the huge disparity in wealth and literacy. The availability of video-sharing apps and various social apps in the vicinity of Pakistan has made it very accessible for people, mostly teenagers, to communicate, once begins a conversation between the two people.

Moreover, the freedom of the Internet allows these youngsters to share personal information online and send each other private pictures while allowing them to swap photographs – things that would be strictly prohibited in the country’s traditional regimes.

The Internet is constantly changing mindsets, giving people the desired freedom of speech and privacy. Furthermore, allowing people to share a space where critical matters are frowned upon by Pakistan’s traditionally conservative society can be easily discussed.

However, the ongoing trend of these once ‘beautiful’ online relationships takes a filthy turn, where once the exchange of information was for getting to know one another, it later becomes the most unfortunate event in one’s life. Such relationships often face massive mishaps, where people either leak their ex-partner’s videos out of anger, jealousy, or just revenge.

In recent days or months, turning on any entertainment-based television show, browsing through a celebrity gossip blog, or going through the tabloids while checking out at a grocery store. One or the other way, we would often come across a story regarding an Ingenue’s private photos or a private video.

The advanced technology that has given the jealous exes more than one medium to store the information, for instance, cloud-based platforms, etc. The growing rate of such scandals is extensively affecting the average person.

There is no point in crying over spilled milk. Once someone’s private videos/photos are leaked, nothing much can be done about it. But what you can do is file a complaint, inform authorities about the infraction and wait for the law to handle the matter.

Also, to prevent any further spread of your private photos/videos at a faster pace, you can email the given ID and they can help prevent your leaked videos and solve your problem by the Preventing Leaked team as they will help you in your matter.

It is high time that one of us should address the issue and make things easier for the victims if you are one of those people who have had any of your private videos/photos leaked. Here are some tips for preventing yourself from getting into such problems. Please follow the below mentioned Dos and Don’ts.

First of all, do not worry about your name getting out. In such cases, people’s high concern is regarding their name getting out. Your name will not be out. You can simply leave a message at the given email, and Preventing Leaked team will be there to help you. It’s better to get help rather than letting your privacy thrashed to pieces like that.

If you have come here randomly, our suggestion for you will be NEVER to share any private photos/videos with anyone, no matter how long your relationship has been with this person. Even if you share a legal relationship with this person, sending private photos and videos on the world wide web can have any hacker invade your privacy. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

Do not lose hope or take any wrong step. Getting worried or stressed is understood, but what is important is what you do about it. If someone has invaded your privacy in any manner, you have all the right to take back what is yours.

Lastly, Do email at the given Email ID, and please allow Preventing Leaked to help you.
Email at report@preventingleaked.com


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