Pakistan is a country which is fighting feudalism even after sixty-nine years of Independence from the British rule. Though the Britishers and other lords left this place yet their ideals and ways didn’t leave this country. Pakistan is still under the stronghold of feudalism. To the ill fate of this poor nation, we see that Pakistan is not going to get rid of the feudalism in the near future. The main reason behind this bad luck of Pakistanis is the presence of the feudal lords in the parliament. Isn’t it ironic that we want to get rid of them yet they are present in the law-making bodies of our countries? Well! this is all the result of feudalism, these feudal lords didn’t allow us to elect people popularly rather they used their ill ways to reach to such place that we see as the only place of hope for the whole of Pakistan. They make laws that help them to strengthen their hold on Pakistan and allows them to get the maximum benefit out of it.

People hope that with the changing time, new developments and new ideals Pakistan would get rid of these feudal lords but feudalism in Pakistan is like a black mark that engulfs all the development and progress within its darkness. Let us here see what are the things whereby these feudal are eating up Pakistan like a moth.

Payment Of No Taxes:

These feudal lords do not pay taxes at all. Though they are very rich that they can afford any amount of tax but they are too insensitive towards the development or progress of the country that do not pay even a rupee for the betterment of Pakistan.

Get Away From Punishment:

These feudal lords are never punished for their wrongdoings for the mere reason that they are too rich that they either threat the law governing authorities or make them stand on their sides by bribing them. As they receive no punishments hence, they are not deterred of their vile acts that continue to cause havoc to our beloved country, Pakistan.

Sweet Gestures:

Well! the feudalism of the present era is quite different from the olden times. The feudal lords of this time wear the masks of angels over their devilish faces. They hide their true intentions by showing sweet and loving gestures to others in public. So, for this reason, it has become totally impossible for people to differentiate between good people from the wrong ones.

Use Of Force For Achieving Ends:

These feudal lords are totally heartless. They do not care about the miseries of their fellow beings and keep snatching them off their rights. They are too cruel that they eat on the rights of others and do not even bother to think about their helplessness. They leave no chance to empower themselves more. In doing all this, they use their force that in turn strengthens their force further so, it is becoming next to impossible to get rid of this vultures that are eating on the flesh and blood of the Pakistanis.

It is high time for the whole nation that they stand united against this menace so that they may get able to hand over a free and prospering Pakistan to their children.

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