Stop Child Abuse

Children look up to adults with this thought in mind that they are all perfect. Children admire people that are older than them and always aspire to reach their place one day. Little do they know that few of them are going to turn out to be the reason behind their life’s destruction. Little do they know that someone from them is going to rip apart their happiness and leave them like a dead soul in a living body. Child abuse is the lowest form of humanity that can ever be. People who are guilty for this don’t realize the tyranny that they bring on the child and his/her family.

Child abuse, sadly, has not taken birth recently but was present as old as time. Children, due to their innocence are made target of this brutal act of lust. The physical harm that child abuse brings to a child cannot be explained in words. Not just this, the mental harm is much worse. The child is traumatized for life and loses the trust that they once had in them. It brings so much psychological damage to them that sometimes they develop this fear towards that particular gender. In worse cases, the psychological condition gets so bad that it prolongs to later years in life. It interferes in the smooth running of their daily life activities and they are unable to ever be normal again.

Child abuse is something that should not just be protested against in words but proper action should be taken against it. a uniform rule should be made for the guilty people and their punishment should be such that it gives a daunting lesson to everyone else, so that no one dares to even think of any such act. apart from the government level, on a personal level you should give your children some education about this issue and tell them about the ‘bad’ touch so they know exactly when someone approaches them in that sense. They should be given that level of frankness so that in case of any issue they can easily share it with their parents.

Apart from parents, the general public should keep an eye out for such suspicious people and if they do notice anything odd then they should immediately take action against it and report it to concerned authorities. Such an act can save great destruction and therefore people should always be careful for such situations.

Child abuse is not an issue observed in third world countries but is in fact a problem faced by countries all over the world. Whether they are rich or poor, whether the people are educated or illiterate, this issue is something that is more of a personal and psychological problem than being a result of illiteracy. This is not something that should be ignored at any time and therefore necessary steps must be taken by the government and normal people as well so that these pedophiles think twice before even thinking to commit such an act.


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