Have you ever experienced the feeling of being left out in your working society for the sole reason that you are a woman? Or have you ever been denied of a job that you truly deserved just because you are a girl? Have you ever been denied of the appreciation that you truly deserved for being a girl? Well! this is something that a working Pakistani Woman experiences everyday. This is a usual practice of Pakistanis to regard women as a class lower to men. They are never appreciated for their faculties or hard works for the mere reason that they are women. Here we will look into some of the main problems that Pakistani Women face at their work place.


Well! there is no such day when women are not harassed by men at their workplace. You may consider it as a joke but no! this is not a joke or a lie, I am telling you all this by my very own experience. At least 65/100 Pakistani working women receive the harassment at their work place and there is nothing that they can do about it. There is no proper arrangements for them to report the harassment cases or harassment acts that adds more to the misery of the working women.

Preference to men:

Pakistan is a male preferential society. Every time when a woman competes with a man for a job or any post then she is snatched off her just right for the only reason that she is not a man. Men are always preferred for the jobs as the hiring companies believe that men have greater faculties as compared to women and they can handle the work more efficiently.

Treated As an Object:

Women are always treated as an object. They are not taken as humans with real or true feelings. Men, at the work place, consider that each woman that comes to work with them is nothing more than an object to be amused of. They are always busy in hitting on them with their vile intentions that annoys the women a lot and hinders their movement towards the progress.

House Chores:

Here comes the most disturbing part. It is a common perception among the people of Pakistan that women are only made to deal with the house chores like cooking, cleaning and washing etc. If ever a woman steps her foot out of the house for the purpose of work then she is not spared off the house chores even a little. To be honest, she is loaded more with the house work so that she may quite her job and sit at home. This is actually a way that people of Pakistan employ to hinder the progress of women of Pakistan. Not only men but some of the women are also involved in pulling the legs of other women in this regard. Such women are the real cause for the slow development of the working women of this country.

Less Wages:

The women in Pakistan are offered less wages for their services. To add more, their wages are always lesser than that of men as it is commonly believed that men have to support their families whereas women work to earn for fulfilling their desires.

Husband’s Reactions:

Mostly, the women who are married always have to receive the insecurities of their husbands. Their husbands always remain skeptical about the movements of their wives and blame them for the acts that they have not even thought of. For this reason, women either lie to their husbands or get their progress hurt or hindered. Moreover, if a woman ever happens to be earning more than the guy then he gets jealous of her or at least become insecure that in turn makes the woman leave her job.

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