Pakistan’s youth face major problems

Pakistan is among the few privileged country’s having vital geographical location, presence of all four weathers, lots of mineral resources, and energetic and talented youth. All these components are sufficient to style a successful country.

The youth possess the energy, ability, commitment to convert the hostile conditions into the opportunity and then grasp that chance to attain the anticipated results for their country.

The Youth population of Pakistan is about sixty percent of the entire population, it means out of every 5 persons 3 Pakistanis are youth. Nevertheless that is not the complete picture; instead of having a prodigious percentage of young population the country is unable to get any advantage from it.

Presently Pakistani youth is facing some grave issues, and if these issues are not appropriately tackled then such a treasured resource will become a weight for the country instead of having Allah’s blessing.

The youth these days has been extensively outclassed; they do not reflect themselves to be too young to be coddled, and they are not actually old enough to take responsibility on their own shoulders.

The major problem is the communication crack between them and their seniors, the prior believing them to be old enough for making their own choices for matters personal or social while the latter just decline to pass over this responsibility to them. This steers to temperaments intensifying more often.

The most conjoint obstacle a person faces at this stage of life is peer pressure. They are pressures by either threats or dare into doing what one would rather evade. Certain people are instinctively competitive and they attempt to act in ways that could assist in settling their ‘appearance’ either to intimidate or impress others. This can be seen in their defiance of their seniors who try to counsel them via practices which these young ones lack at the time but crash dismally.

The issue our youth is fronting at present is frustration. This thing is consuming up our youth slowly and steadily. The youth this country does not have jobs, health resources, means of healthy entertainment and awareness. This is the precise time to look into the difficulties of the youth and provide them with viable answers otherwise it will be too late.

The talent of Pakistani youth has been crumpled for years and years but the time is demonstrating that Pakistani youth is the best talented youth the world has ever seen. The Youth in the west gets groomed by developed organizations but Pakistani youth is the only youth that is generating records in the field of technology, sports and computer science without the obtainability of correctly structured learning institutes.

Our youth has lost its individuality. We need to allow our youth to remember their identity .There must be corrective measures at governmental, individual and social levels to reinstate the confidence of the youth in their latent qualities. We have to groom our youth to confront and tackle the challenges of time with steadfast courage and youthful confidence.


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