Internet as a tool of women empowerment

Since the late the 20st century, there has been a lot of emphasis on women rights. Slowly but steadily women are being given a more equal status to men and with the rapid increase in the field of social media, it is being used as a platform to support women empowerment.

Educating a woman is like educating a whole household. And now that the world has turned into a global village, if you educate a women you educate a region or even a nation.

Women empowerment is not only treating them well but also giving them a more equal status. Educating them, providing them with information about the world, history, arts, commerce and science etc. It is about broadening their horizons and giving them the freedom to think. The internet is the best way to provide them with such information. In a safe environment, the women can access the information and details they require regarding different aspects of life.

In the old days all the information was present in libraries and it was difficult for women to go out and spend hours going over different books. The internet makes getting knowledge easier for them. Even in the most oppressive societies, women can use the internet to seek knowledge. As knowledge is power.

Our voice is a very important aspect of our personality. Give a woman the chance to offer her opinions and this leads to empowerment. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram do just that. Women get a chance to say what they actually want. To be a part of a discussion and to speak out regarding things that actually matter. Voicing their opinions means that they have a sense of control over their own fates.

Many campaigns are started on these sites to get women the rights they deserve. This is known as “online activism”. Many campaigns are in progress. Sport England has started a campaign “The girl can” which argues that every girl, no matter what her physique is can take part in physical activities. “Aware Girl” is another campaign being run by Gulalai Ismail, who is a Pakistani activist. The campaign promotes equality and peace.

The internet gives many women a chance to work from their homes. Many business women are earning millions just by dealing with customers over the internet. Most women have made Facebook pages to sell their homemade jewellery, food items or clothes etc. It provides them with the chance to earn for themselves.

Many organizations have started projects to use the internet to teach and train women. In Pakistan, Hamara Pakistan is a campaign by Digital Rights Foundation which provides workshops and training programs for women via the social media. They offer a safe online environment for women to express their opinions. Other such campaings include Women for Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (India), Tujiunge ( Democratic Republic of Congo), Ayni Bolivia (Bolivia), Afchix ( Africa), Respect girls on the net ( Srilanka), Take back the tech etc.

Women are not second class citizens but an essential part of the society. If a country needs to develop and advance then emphasis should be placed on empowering the women of the nation.


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