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Funding opportunities for young Pakistani entrepreneurs

The main issue with young entrepreneurs is their financial stability. A lot of fresh graduates and even
students who are studying, have great ideas that can be put to practice but the one factor which holds it
back is the lack of finance. Now, for any and every business, some sort of financial investment is needed
whether it is a small or a large amount. Pakistan is a place where it is even more difficult to arrange for
money from bank because the procedures and requirements are too risky for a young entrepreneur to
take. There are, however, other ways which have recently come in the lime light and we have listed them
down for your convenience.

Ashden Awards

For someone to get funding from Ashden Awards, they need to make sure that the proposal which they
have is in some way improving the situation of energy in terms of conserving it and leading to a better
life for women and children specifically. In addition to this, it should not just be on paper but should be
active for at least a year and only then they will fund the project.

Ashoka Fellowship

There is a lot of commitment needed for this particular funding option because once approved, the
candidate has to give his/her full time to the project in order to make it efficient and effective. The
condition with this is that the idea should bring in some sort of social change and should positively
impact the society.

BASES challenge

The requirement for this funding is that the team must have one student or alumni from Stanford
University in order participate. They too require that the team must have an idea that assures some sort
of positive impact on the society.

Buckminster Fuller Challenge

This funding program focuses on environment and its conservation. People are supposed to bring in an
idea which gives a solution to some current environmental problem and therefore seems to be
improving the situation.

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Fellows

People who have started their venture and it is still in the early stages, they are eligible for applying to it.
The business should be aimed at bringing some sort of societal change that benefits people and changes
their current situation. The idea or service needs to be aimed at mass level which incorporates national
or international forum.

Echoing green fellowship

As the name suggests, this funding is open for all those people who bring in ideas that in one way or the
other benefits the environment and conserves is rather than becoming the reason for its further
deterioration. The requirement for this funding is that the idea should be running as a business but in
the initial stage and should be operated autonomously.

These 6 funding options are available for young entrepreneurs and in all these options there is one
requirement which is to come up with an innovative idea that benefits the society. So, once you come up
with that, money will no longer be a hurdle.


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