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Best Tax Consultant in Lahore

A tax consultant (advisor) is a person that is an expert in knowledge of tax law. A good tax consultant understands the running of the tax ruling. All over the world, the process of filing an income tax is very discouraging (daunting). However, the people are still supposed to go to tax consultants and ask them for help with their filing case. Basically, tax consultants are part of the law firm, some law firms provide tax consultants to enhance their client’s experience. Tax consultants are considered a respectable passion all over the world because the way they help civilians is admirable. The tax consultants are supposed to get paid at a rate of per hour. The average amount for tax consultants all over the world is 200$-400$. In Pakistan, tax consultants are considered an honourable passion. In Pakistan, tax consultants guide the clients towards the law of the country that helps clients in their satisfaction towards these consultants.

There is no specific criterion that defines who’s the best tax consultant, but according to ranking (provided by the internet) there are some consultants in Lahore which are recommended by civilians are mentioned below.


Tax care the law firm that provides more than 100 lawyers to work on their client’s case such as financial facilities, firm registration procedures, tax planning, tax filing, and much more. These tax consultants provide professional tax services to institutes such as charity related departments, boarding schools, restaurants, etc all over the Lahore. Tax care looks at the client’s tax files and helps to reduce the client’s burden at as much as a possible low rate. Tax care provides consultants that help towards practical and innovative strategies to build a business not only in Lahore but all over Pakistan. Tax care also provides firm related tasks to companies such as documentation, office setup (all over Pakistan), company registration, arrange the company’s bank accounts for company incorporation.


This taxation office provides a number of services for its clients; this firm also provides law firm branches all over Lahore. Some basic services that this accountancy provides are the issuance of national tax number, preparation (computation), company registration, NGO registration, GST registration, bookkeeping, preparation of record in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, providing tax services on critical issues, advising their clients that how they can decrease their burden of taxes, issuance of income tax refunds, indemnity of certificates under various section of income tax regulation and much more. Green-tech and accountancy services also get in touch with government institutes so that they can help on working of their client (when required).


ZB Laws and Associates deliver development to their client’s working. ZB Laws and Associates offer a comprehensive range of legal services, that is the main reason by which clients prefer to let handle your case to ZB Laws and Associates. ZB laws and associated provide a team of people who are bright, extremely motivated, faithful who have compassion for their life, honesty, and fairness. This is basically the law firm which provides lawyers from the first rank to the last rank and focuses on tax consultants. Tax consultants usually focus on the cases related to company working, PVT registration and NGO registration and much more not in Lahore but all over Pakistan.

Contact – ZB Laws & Associates is; Phone: 0321-5898653, E-mail:


A Dawood & Associate is the agency that is working to provide their services to major industries in Lahore and also outside. They are currently providing their services to different industries like the education sector, constructers, textile, fertilizers, etc. they have made a rule to not work for the profit-making sectors. The lawyers of the Dawood associates are trained to engage themselves with the demands of the sector they are working in. the consultants of the Dawood associates are capable enough to help their clients grow and expand their business according to their expectations. They are also known to be the one to handle all types of complex challenges have the approach of being straightforward.


Fazal Mehmood and Company was recognized in 1984 and until 2010 it was considered as one of the largest law firms and tax consultants not only in Lahore but all over Pakistan. This firm has experienced more than three decades of growth in the field of accountancy and administration, studies of the evolution of accounting and internal control, and gives their client perfect advice on different cooperate matters.


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