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Discrimination and violence against transgender in Pakistan

Alisha was a Peshawar controller and 1 of the 8 board associates of Trans Action Alliance, and connotation of transgender bands working together for their human rights. She was shot 8 times by her assassin, parting her on the border of death.

When she was taken to the Lady Reading Hospital, the doctors declined to heal Alisha. As a substitute, they declined to admit her into a ward due to her sex. The patients and staff in both the female and male wards rejected to give her a bed in any ward. For an entire day, the members of Trans Action Alliance continued asking the doctors to aid her but to no avail.

As numerous transgender people collected at the hospital, they enticed the attention of the crowd, which began taking their pictures and making fun of them, a regular exercise in most parts of Pakistan. Farzana Jan, who leads the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa section of Trans Action Alliance, recited the incident.

“While we gathered in the hospital to request the doctors to treat critically injured Alisha, the crowd, consisting solely of men, surrounded us, commenting on our appearances,” Jan stated

“Many asked us the amount we charge for one night, others inquired about our home addresses. Some even asked if our breasts were natural or not.”

Many of the transgender women in Pakistan are deserted by their families as they are believed a shame to their name. When their sex identity is exposed, often parents influence them to be a man.

Qamar Naseem, a program coordinator at Blue Veins, considers this practice horrifying. “Severe violence against them leaves a remarkable impact, as they lose all the confidence in themselves,” he said.

“Beaten at home, if they get to see the face of a school, their plight gets worse. They can be distinguished easily due to their habits and are bullied by their fellows,” he added.

Owing to severe peer pressure and instances of sexual ferocity, it turns out to be hard for transgender people to obtain a proper education. Fronting rejection from both school and home, they frequently run away, finding comfort only in their own group. With no appropriate education and fronting severe hate from the people about them, they are left with no other pick but to accept the occupations others in their group have adopted, sexual work or dancing.

While many transgender right groups subsisted formerly in Pakistan, most of those were either dysfunctional or too small to generate an influence. In the first step in the direction of the preparation of Trans Action Alliance in KP, focus group discussions were held in sixteen districts, with a emphasis on the rudimentary subjects confronted by transgender community.

Some of the most dangerous issues that the transgender community tackles today include physical and sexual violence, the lack of funds and lack of access to health care for the transgender community in the social wellbeing systems.


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