Understanding the crux of disability

Being disabled is not just a state of being restricted to some kind of limitation anymore in the world today. As we all have been through such stages at a certain point in our lives. Disability refers to not conforming to specified standards of being present to perform any task. People from varied background, different emotional and physical levels may not be able to get their heads present at particular situations, so it is definitely not a thing to be pitied upon. Fortunately, with a demise of days, this discrimination is shrinking around the globe. Contrary to the case of Pakistan where one can concede the initiative for the disabled ones being pretty much stagnant over the years.

The majority of the disabled ones are chained to surface as an integral branch of our social tree on the account of their missing body parts and other physical impairments no doubt assail in a fact that they deserve the attentions and especial care from the surrounding.

Here strikes the vital note, bestowing attention in no sense of a word is parallel to everyone being over-sympathetic towards them. Being compassionate over the boundary unintentionally drills an emotion in these special ones which makes them feel a burden of their society. They are entitled to courtesy and politeness, but the real trigger of the problem is the attitude of other people. Others drain out a gratuitous act of being overly concerned and never in depths of their lives actually try to comprehend the unprecedented capabilities of special ones.

Major Obstacles

How pathetic it sounds if I write about the society which fails to provide the infrastructure or facilities to the disabled should meet with the slap of nature? Not as pathetic as the harsh reality where these people lack the resources which are exceedingly important to assist them in their daily lives. Positioning the spotlight over the disable students makes me swell with pride, as these young souls despite being disabled jump out of their capacities to play their individual part in the development of the country. Consequently, this leads to a gift of an increased literacy rate and hence boosts the economy of the nation.

These people are contributing more than your mind can ever suck in, but with a harshness of reality, I have to manifest that nongovernmental and government bodies both have been a little negligent towards their right. Even there can be a hole of possibility that the responsible ones own no real insight about the conditions of disables. Such overlooked rights give birth to numerous problems which are faced by these students in Pakistan.

Sadly, the more the significance of education is over-stressed the less it will remain. Education for the disabled students is of low quality and barely adequate. The disabled students at University levels are always saturated with fear of limited employment opportunities as compared to their normal counterparts. There sit very few well known educational schools, colleges, and universities for them. Well known institutes especially designated for them are totally waiting for nature to pull the rope and run the organization smoothly. The reason of such statement is not forced, as such institutes are devoid of proper and advanced and practical curriculum. Moreover, educational enterprises for special students are very few to count which hints majority of them are compelled to join the regular schooling system where they have to compete with the normal kids. This is not what one’s sense of justice will advocate for. Making the disable students compete against the abler is just not fair. These disable students deserve a separate platform and stage to showcase their talent. They without having to experience any kind of complexities deserve a chance to open their bag of talents on educational level.

Moreover, transportation facilities should be separately made available for them, as the disabled ones in Pakistan are seen to travel in local public transport used by all the physically fit people. Special students have to wait long hours for the transport plus getting a seat for themselves without any assistance make their journey no less than an ordeal. Meeting the pushes, drags and the fights for a seat such common experience in a local transport shouldn’t be caught by these people. They are supposed to be given a separate transportation facility whereby they are eased and facilitated rather than being looked down upon and made to be felt grieved upon their conditions.

A sport is not restricted to be played by the physically healthy students only.  Sports not only build a character but instead it reveals it. It is one of the fundamental activities of school and college life and in Pakistan; most of the disabled students are missing on this fun filled activity. The society and the educational institutes are not active in providing sufficient opportunities to the disable one in this regards the disable children are then imposed to feel discouraged making them concern about not fitting in the criteria of sports. Government and other bodies must realize the need of instilling this activity in day to day life of the disabled students as sports is guaranteed to comfort their minds.

Ray of hope

Token of thanks to the globalization, international media and technological advancement that have cupped the hands of the disabled students to boost their confidence and have provided them enough encouragement to shape themselves into competitive individuals. Organizations like British Council offer all kind of facilities like accommodation, financial aids, advice and scholarships to the disabled children.  Be it physically disabled students, sight impaired students or dyslexic students. The great news which strikes is that their laws apply to international students as well. Thanks to the social media platforms as well which favor the fact that disabled people have rights just like everyone else. Social media platforms have provided us with great examples like Muneeba Mazari who is an extraordinary inspiring role model for the disabled students. Her achievements despite being in a wheelchair are something to envy from.

Possible line of actions

The mindset of the society sticks to the ideology that being disabled is one of the biggest curse and a loss that one can have. Such mindset is brutally punched by the dedication and commitment of the disabled students who fights all odds to strive in their education by straining their every nerve to turn their impossibilities to great possibilities.

The legal framework of Pakistan needs to be strengthened to protect the rights of the disabled students by providing them all a common platform where they can nurture their skills and personality. The NGOs and government must devise plans to stimulate the departmental bodies to build long-term organizations, national buildings and legislative planning that chiefly aim to fulfill the needs of the disabled students. After all, in the shaping of a successful Country every block or student counts. The society needs to get away from the over embracing the culture of pitying the disabled students. This is only going to aggravate and worsen their feelings and positive attitude. Right- based approach that empowers them needs to be implemented in Pakistani Society.

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