Who says that Pakistan is a struggling country in terms of young talent and abilities? Pakistan may be a third world country who is facing numerous problems of poverty, economy and politics.

Young Talent of Pakistan

Who says that Pakistan is a struggling country in terms of young talent and abilities? Pakistan may be a third world country who is facing numerous problems of poverty, economy and politics.

Despite all this and even the great faults in the education system, the young population of the country is a pride for us because of all their achievements. Despite inadequate resources, our children still manage to compete with the rest of the world just because of their determination and ever-increasing talent.

Whether it is the field of education, cooking, games, math or science, our children seem to be going ahead in almost all of them.

Sumail Hassan Syed, 15
We are all aware of the DOTA news which went viral and it was all worth it. At the age of 15, this kid sold his bicycle and entered a game known as DOTA in which his team won the second place in that championship and received worldwide recognition. Not only that, he won about $1.2 million which made him a millionaire in just a teenage. He still continues to play and hopes to achieve more.

Haroon Tariq, 18
Cambridge international examinations at both O and A levels are not a piece of cake. At this level, children take subjects ranging in number 10-15. The maximum number of subjects that a child will take at this level is just 15, that too in very rare cases. This guy broke the world record and took a total of 87 subjects in his O and A level examinations. Not just this, he also scored A in all of them which really makes him a genius for his age.

Saad Ali, 18
Saad is only 18 years old and from a very young age he had aspired to become a racer. Now, he is the youngest and only Pakistani formula 1 racer.

Awais Imran
Awais represented Pakistan at the Telenor Youth summit which was held in 2013. Along with that, he also developed an app named ShotDrop which received about 50,000 downloads in a short time of just 6 months. He has now become a public speaker at many engineering universities and continues to move forward in this field.

Laraib Atta
This girl has achieved all those people work all their lives to achieve. She came and started working in Hollywood at the age of just 19. She is the youngest visual effects artist and had worked on many renowned projects such as Narnia and Sweeney Todd.

Haris Khan
All we can do is download an app from the app store but this kid invented one app and that too at the age of 11, when kids worry about their food and their entertainment. He developed this app called super soccer that can be found on iTunes and with this, he becomes the youngest app developer.

Aaima Asad
She had always been a bright student and in her undergraduate examinations, she was awarded the first position in the LLB examinations of the University of London.


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