The Citizens Archive of Pakistan

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a NGO devoted to historic and cultural conservation working in Karachi and Lahore. It pursues to teach the public, foster a wakefulness of Pakistan’s history, and implant self-importance in Pakistani inhabitants about their legacy.

Oral History Project (OHP)
The OHP rests at the heart of CAP. The OHP archives reminiscences of the initial days of Pakistan to deliver a substitute perspective to authorized stories found in past literature. The stories evolving from the scheme, the mysteries seized in old photographs, and the private experiences of the nation’s prolific and diverse people deliver inspiration for the events and exhibitions. The plan also intends to archive and reserve numerous records such as refugee cards, letters, newspapers, official correspondences, and passports. Since its beginning, CAP has digitized more than 63,000 photos from public and private collections, and has gathered over 1,800 spoken histories. The library bids one of the most exclusive selections of camerawork and the only collection of verbal histories in Pakistan.

School Outreach Tours
Started in 2008, the School Outreach Tours (SOT) programme schools and motivates children from low income neighborhoods in Karachi. CAP’s class ideas exceed the border of rudimentary knowledge and material and center on science, English language, history, geography, and most importantly, personality building. Apart from inspiring every child in the programme, they also emphasize on critical thinking, gender equality and community building, via role-play, research, and the use of photography, film and other collaborating forms. With graphic aids and groundbreaking teaching methods, they have planned numerous activities and projects to inspire originality and confidence among students.

College Outreach Tours
Begun in 2012, the College Outreach Tours (COT) teaches first and second year college students in Karachi. COT utilizes resources from CAP’s collection to improve workshops founded on civic sense, , and constitutional rights, tolerance and democracy. The workshops are devised to raise perilous thinking as well as an interpretation of the Pakistan’s history and heritage. The programme is multilingual and comprises of research based cooperative activities devised to instruct a wider vision of Pakistan.

Exchange for Change programme (EFC)
The EFC programme is, conferring to the organization, the leading student verbal history interchange programme in the world and the major Track-2 negotiation struggle between Pakistan and India. The programme goals to develop relationships among students in South Asia, and pursues to aid students through borders realize that dialogue is both possible and sustainable. A sustained exchange of artwork , letters, postcards, photographs and videos inspires children to shape their own opinions. EFC was first commenced in 2010 in partnership with Routes2Roots among Pakistan and India. In just 3 cycles, EFC has operated with over 12,000 students across 8 cities in Pakistan and India counting New Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, , and Chandigarh. In 2014, EFC extended to Kolkata in association with Peace Works, an enterprise of The Seagull Foundation for the Arts with 1,200 additional students. EFC USA has linked an additional 500 Pakistani and American students. CAP trusts that such connections can escort to an optimistic change and remove cultural misapprehensions and inter-generational clash.


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