Role of NGO in Pakistan Create Jobs

Role of NGO in Pakistan Create Jobs

Pakistan is a developing country facing significant challenges in creating job opportunities for its rapidly growing population. According to the World Bank Pakistans unemployment rate stood at 4.5% in 2020 with youth unemployment reaching 10.8%. To address this challenge non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been playing a crucial role in promoting job creation in Pakistan.

Here are some of the ways in which NGOs are contributing to job creation in Pakistan

Entrepreneurship development

NGOs have been promoting entrepreneurship development by providing training mentoring and financial support to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. They have been supporting individuals to start their businesses generating new jobs and income streams.

Skill development

NGOs have been working to improve the skills of the workforce in Pakistan by providing training and vocational education programs. These programs aim to equip people with the necessary skills to secure employment or start their businesses.

Job placement services

NGOs have been providing job placement services to match job seekers with available employment opportunities. They have been working with employers to identify job openings and connect them with suitable candidates.


NGOs have been providing microfinance to individuals and small businesses to help them start or expand their businesses. This has enabled many people to generate income and create jobs in their communities.

Some of the prominent NGOs working in job creation in Pakistan include The Kashf Foundation SEED Ventures and Akhuwat. These organizations have been working with communities government institutions and other stakeholders to promote job creation and economic growth in the country.

Despite the efforts of NGOs, creating job opportunities in Pakistan remains a significant chaenge. The country faces a rapidy growing popuation, a skis gap, and imited economic opportunities, which make it difficut to generate new jobs.

To overcome these chaenges, NGOs need to work cosey with government institutions, businesses, and other stakehoders to create an enabing environment for job creation. This incudes promoting poicies that encourage entrepreneurship and business growth, improving access to finance, and investing in education and skis deveopment.

NGOs can aso pay a roe in promoting socia entrepreneurship and incusive economic growth, which can create jobs whie addressing socia and environmenta chaenges. For exampe, organizations can support the deveopment of sustainabe agricuture, renewabe energy, and other sociay responsibe businesses that create jobs whie contributing to the webeing of communities.

In concusion, NGOs have a critica roe to pay in promoting job creation in Pakistan. By working with government institutions, businesses, and other stakehoders, they can hep to create an enabing environment for economic growth and job creation. Through their efforts, NGOs can contribute to reducing poverty, improving iveihoods, and promoting sustainabe deveopment in the country.

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