Discovering Rohri: Pakistan's Historic City

Discovering Rohri: Pakistan’s Historic City

Located in the Sindh province of Pakistan, Rohri is a city steeped in history, culture and tradition. From the ancient Indus Valley Civilization to the British Raj, Rohri has witnessed the rise and fall of multiple civilizations. Today, it stands as a testament to a rich past and a vibrant present. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore Rohri, Pakistan's historic city.

Rohri, a historic city in Pakistan, has long been recognized as a hub of cultural and religious significance. Located near the Indus River, Rohri is home to several ancient landmarks and cultural heritage sites. Despite its rich history, Rohri is often overlooked by tourists, and is yet to be fully discovered. This article aims to provide an overview of the city’s history, significance, and attractions, and encourage travelers to explore and discover the hidden gems of Rohri.

The City of Rohri

Rohri is situated on the east bank of the Indus River and is the gateway to the Sind province. It is the second-largest city in the Sukkur district and is surrounded by hills and lush green fields. The city has a significant cultural and historical heritage, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, and has been a hub of trade and commerce for centuries.

The city is known for its unique architectural style, which reflects a blend of Islamic and Hindu influences. The old city of Rohri is a maze of narrow streets, alleys, and bazaars, with houses built in traditional style. The city is also home to several ancient landmarks, including the Kot Diji Fort, one of the largest forts in Pakistan, and the Shrine of Khwaja Khizr, a revered site for Muslims.

Exploring Rohri

Getting around Rohri is relatively easy, with a range of transportation options available, including buses, taxis, and rickshaws. The city has several attractions that are worth visiting, including the Sukkur Barrage, a landmark of engineering marvel, and the Masoom Shah Jo Minar, a monument dedicated to Sufi saint Masoom Shah. The Bazaar in Rohri is also a must-visit, where travelers can experience the authentic flavors of the local cuisine, such as biryani, kebabs, and sajji.

The People of Rohri

Rohri is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population that is incredibly welcoming and hospitable. The city is known for its local customs and traditions, such as the Sindhi cap and ajrak, a unique fabric with intricate designs. Travelers can have an opportunity to interact with locals and learn about their culture and way of life. They can also witness the lively festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the year, such as the Urs of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

Practical Information

There are several accommodation options available for visitors to Rohri, ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts. The climate in Rohri is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching over 40°C in the summer months. Travelers are advised to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the heat and sun. It is also essential to take safety precautions, such as avoiding crowded areas and staying alert.

In conclusion, Rohri is a city rich in history, culture, and traditions. Despite its significance, it remains relatively unexplored and undiscovered. By visiting Rohri, travelers have the opportunity to experience the unique blend of Islamic and Hindu influences that make the city so unique. They can also learn about the local customs and traditions, taste the authentic flavors of the cuisine, and interact with the hospitable and welcoming locals. We encourage travelers to discover Rohri and experience its hidden gems for themselves.


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