social media power in pakistan

Power of Social Media in Pakistan

Unfortunately human beings are completely transformed into puppets and these puppets are controlled by SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social media is basically websites and applications that act as platform enabling users to share their thoughts or to participate in social networking. Social media include number of websites and applications i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IMO, Snapchat, Kik, and many more. The debate on power of social media in Pakistan is generated by millions of internet users within the country. No doubt social media in Pakistan is playing the most important role in exposing many sides of a picture and is sharing information of a small town to our country, Pakistan but unfortunately excess use of social media does not seems to be a good idea for a developing country.

The most beneficial and powerful impact of social networking sites is to unite people on a huge platform for the achievement of some specific objective. Let’s take an example of Facebook campaign against violence in Kashmir. The news about the violence went viral and people all over the world raised voices for Kashmir. Videos of brutally killed Syrians can easily be seen on social sites. News about corruption and other political issue spread like wildfire in the country. Recently a fight between FIA officer and two women at airport took place and FIA officer was blamed only by the whole country but social media exposed the other side of the picture and showed how two women provoked the officers. It was the power of social media which heated up Mashal Khan’s case within the day and the cause behind killing him was his blasphemous messages on one of the social site i.e. Facebook. His death was right or wrong and did he actually write those messages? It generates another debate but of course this shows that social media isn’t a reliable platform. Numbers of people are cheated on social media in the name of online business, promoting business and of course love. Twitter, on the other hand, is providing full freedom of speech. But does this freedom of speech means speaking against anyone’s religion and culture?

Pakistan is a developing country and this developing country is in the hands of our youth who still is worried about what Sonu Nigum (singer) said, instead of worrying about what’s happening in Pakistan. Unfortunately we Pakistani’s from time to time are trapped in such pre-planned actions. We then spend days and nights working on things which are not in our hands. Who can deny this ruining power of social media? If from one’s point of view it is providing freedom of speech so from another’s point of view it is taking away so many things, our culture, our religion, our language, our lifestyle. Would you love to leave everything just to have so called freedom of speech?


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