MQM the brand of Urban Sindh

MQM the brand of Urban Sindh

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is a profane political party in the country that was initiated by Altaf Hussain in the year 1984.Muttahida Quami Movement(MQM) is the 2nd biggest party in Sindh and generally the 4th largest party in Pakistan after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf,the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Peoples Party.This party was founded by Altaf Hussain and later it was continued by other leaders . It is included in third largest party who worked for Muhajirs , middle class people and for every person. Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) believes in Realism and Practicalism. Acceptance of reality with an open heart is Realism. Based on Realism positive achievement made through ideologically supported pragmatic programs is called Practicalism .

The MQM is a highly structured and well-organized unit that, ironically, is a counterpoint to the chaotic nature of the sprawling metropolis it draws a bulk of its support from.It was established as a student union, All Pakistan Muhajir Student Organization. This gave rise to the Muhajir Qaumi Movement, who were not given equal rights in past as the Punjabis and Sindhi nations got, however to remove this inequality this Party came into being In 1997, Altaf Hussain always used word Muhajir Party for this MQM party and it consider as heart of Pakistan.If we consider historical roots of MQM Party, it considers Muhajirs in Sindh as this was the major part of bureaucracy in Pakistan but at the time of rule of Zulfikar Bhutto there was a downfall in employment to Muhajir. There were a decline in terms of jobs and in terms of education. People were emotionally attached with this Party and their support is still not faded. In addition to that The MQM association completes as the MQM eliminated the term Muhajir from its title and substituted it using the word Muttahida.

MQM association completes a considerable measure of network based work in that it enables individuals to out in the network with little undertakings which helps construct a trust based relationship with the general population. The association additionally fills in for individuals to enter legislative issues.

In the mid-1990s, MQM created extensive political violence that influenced Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, mainly Karachi, the country’s money-making capital. In the mid-1990s, the U.S. State Department, and others blamed the MQM and an opposing party, MQM Haqiqi, of summary torture, killings, and other numerous abuses. The MQM-A habitually denied participation in violence.

MQM has the most powerful and literate leaders among other’s party that even after winning election , Imran khan said that we cannot ignore MQM party as it has very dedicated and educated leaders with strong back grounds. No one can ignore the fact , that MQM was winning election since 20 years because of Pakistani’s support and love.

One of the secrets of MQM success was a strong team of its elders, who often take control of the affairs of the party during difficult periods, as they did in the previous three operations. It also has thousands of teams of “hamdard” and “sympathizers.” If you just closely look at its functioning at its official secretariat, Khursheed Memorial Hall, you often find young and old people coming for admissions or jobs and at times even for resolution of personal disputes.For long most of the people who worked closely with Altaf Hussain have considered him to be a ‘control freak” a man who is obsessed with maintaining discipline and order in the party – two things that for more than three decades now have eluded the city in which his party is a major political force MQM party is heart of Pakistan , it is not only consider as a political party but it is an organization of leaders who are not from rich people but they are from middle and working class people. In the meantime Altaf Hussain keeps his hold over underdeveloped and unprivileged people.They are one of those who know how a common man faces daily challenges in life of Pakistan and also know how to overcome issues and work for betterment of Pakistan.


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