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Mozzarella Cheese 2kg Price in Pakistan May 2024

In Pakistan, the price of mozzarella cheese typically varies based on factors such as brand, quality, and packaging size. As of the latest information available, a 2kg pack of mozzarella cheese is priced at approximately RS. 2900. It’s essential for consumers to consider these factors while making a purchase, ensuring they select a product that aligns with their preferences and culinary needs. Whether used for traditional dishes like pizza or to experiment with new recipes, mozzarella cheese remains a popular choice in Pakistani households, adding a creamy and flavorful touch to various meals.

What is Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella cheese, with its origins in Italy, is a semi-soft, fresh cheese traditionally made from buffalo milk or a combination of buffalo and cow’s milk. Known for its mild flavor and smooth texture, mozzarella has become a staple in various cuisines around the world. It is particularly renowned for its excellent melting properties, making it a preferred choice for pizzas, lasagnas, and a variety of other dishes.

Why Do We Use Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella cheese’s versatility in the kitchen makes it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. Here are some reasons why this cheese is so widely used:

  1. Melting Perfection: Mozzarella has a high moisture content, which results in a delightful melt and stretch when heated. This quality makes it the perfect topping for pizzas and a key ingredient in lasagnas and baked pasta dishes.
  2. Mild Flavor: The mild and slightly tangy taste of mozzarella allows it to complement a wide range of ingredients without overpowering the overall flavor of a dish. This makes it a versatile choice for both savory and sweet applications.
  3. Texture: The soft and creamy texture of mozzarella adds a luxurious feel to dishes, making them more enjoyable. Whether melted on a pizza or sliced in a salad, mozzarella enhances the overall eating experience.
  4. Popular in Various Cuisines: Mozzarella is not limited to Italian cuisine; it has found its way into the hearts of people worldwide. From caprese salads to cheesy sandwiches, its applications are diverse and delicious.

Mozzarella Cheese: Ingredients

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients typically found in mozzarella cheese:

Milk (Buffalo/Cow)Base for cheese production
RennetCoagulating agent
Citric AcidAcidulant for curd formation
SaltFlavor enhancement

Mozzarella Cheese 2kg Price in Pakistan

As of the latest market data, the price for a 2kg pack of mozzarella cheese in Pakistan is RS 2900. It’s essential to consider the quality and brand when purchasing mozzarella, as these factors can influence the overall taste and performance of the cheese in your culinary creations.

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Cooking with Mozzarella

Apart from the classic use on pizzas and in pasta dishes, mozzarella can be a star ingredient in a variety of recipes. Consider trying it in:

  • Caprese Salad: Combine fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a refreshing salad.
  • Stuffed Chicken Breast: Create a delicious filling with mozzarella, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes for a savory, cheesy chicken dish.
  • Mozzarella Sticks: Bread and fry mozzarella sticks for a crispy and gooey appetizer, perfect for dipping in marinara sauce.

Cheese, a ubiquitous ingredient in global cuisines, plays a central role in both Western and Asian culinary traditions. From the indulgent layers of mozzarella in Italian lasagna to the gooey perfection it achieves when melted atop a classic North American pizza, cheese transcends borders and continents, bringing a rich and savory dimension to diverse dishes. The versatility of cheese makes it an essential component in food and drink preparation, whether it’s gracing a Mediterranean-inspired salad or adding a creamy texture to a Middle Eastern dish.

In the comfort of home kitchens, cheese often takes a prime spot in the refrigerator, ready to enhance the flavors of various foods. Its presence is not limited to European or American fare; cheese seamlessly integrates into the vibrant tapestry of Asian traditions. Whether in the form of paneer in Indian dishes or as a delightful topping on sushi rolls, cheese has become a global culinary ambassador, bridging the gap between different food cultures and tastes.

The food industry’s evolution has seen the rise of convenience foods, and cheese, with its adaptability, has become a star player in prepared foods. As the demand for quick and easy meal solutions grows, cheese continues to feature prominently in a variety of convenience products, from pre-packaged salads to frozen pizzas. This intersection of traditional and modern culinary practices reflects the dynamic nature of the global food landscape, where cheese remains a cherished and essential element in kitchens worldwide.

Health Benefits of Mozzarella and Essential Nutrients

Health promotion is a multifaceted approach that encompasses various aspects of well-being, including nutrition. Essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, play a crucial role in maintaining good health. Dairy, a natural product derived from cattle feeding, is a rich source of these essential biomolecules. Riboflavin, a B-vitamin found in dairy, contributes to the prevention of various health issues. The online shopping boom has facilitated access to a wide range of dairy products, allowing consumers to make informed choices about the types of cheese that best suit their nutritional needs and taste preferences.

pizza cheese

Understanding the molecular biophysics of nutrients is essential in promoting human health. Calcium, a vital mineral found in dairy, contributes to bone health and is a key component in preventing osteoporosis. Zinc, another essential nutrient present in various dairy products, plays a crucial role in preventing diseases and supporting the immune system. The chemistry of biologically-based therapies, such as the nutrients found in dairy, intersects with biochemistry and human nutrition to form a foundation for health education and dietetics.

In the agricultural sector, the production of dairy involves careful consideration of the health and well-being of cattle. The organic compounds present in dairy, including proteins and phosphates, contribute to the overall nutritional value of these products. Vitamin A, essential for vision and immune function, is also found in dairy, highlighting the interconnectedness of plant and mammal health. Public health initiatives often emphasize the importance of a balanced diet, incorporating dairy and dietary supplements to address hunger and provide necessary nutrients. As industries continue to evolve, the chemical substances present in dairy contribute not only to the economy but also to the overall health care system, making dairy a valuable component in the quest for improved public health.


Mozzarella cheese, with its rich history and culinary appeal, continues to be a favorite in kitchens worldwide. Whether you’re crafting a classic pizza or experimenting with new recipes, the 2kg pack of mozzarella cheese priced at RS 2900 in Pakistan provides an excellent opportunity to bring the authentic taste of this cheese to your home kitchen. Enjoy the versatility and deliciousness that mozzarella adds to your favorite dishes!


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