Lahore : The Magical City

Have you ever heard someone saying (Lahore Lahore ae) “Lahore is Lahore”? Well! this is something each Lahori believes in that there is no such city in the entire world that is as special and good as Lahore. It is a city filled with life, fun, music, art, food, dance and what not? It is the city that can really cast a magical spell on a person that makes the person to never forget this city. Would you like to know things about Lahore? Would you want to know why people say ( Jine Lahore ni vekhya O jumiya hi nahi?) “He who hasn’t seen Lahore is not born yet”? Ok then read on this writing and get to know this fun place.

Lahore’s Culture:
At Lahore you won’t find any artistic thing to be missing. From music to pottery making every art is present here. People of Lahore are of artistic minds and are always busy in making progress in each art on which they are master at. The culture of Lahore has a mixed touch as this city’s history roots back to the ancient times and this city has encountered many religions and cultures. The culture of Lahore is like white cloth colored with different colors from different religion. For-example; Christianity, Islam and hinduism. For the reason of having the diverse culture this city is known as the cultural capital of Pakistan. The people of Lahore wear different sorts of dresses from shalwar kameez to the western style dresses. So, you can find a great diversity in the dressing styles of people.

Lahore’s Food:
There is no better place than Lahore to have a true desi masala food. You can find the true punjabi “mirchi tarka” food at the two food streets of Lahore namely “Gawalmandi Food Street” and “Fort Road Food street”. These two food streets are really colorful and have the best desi cuisine covering the dishes of whole of the punjab and Pakistan. So, if you are missing on Lahore then that means that you are missing on the best punjabi food that you can find at cheap rates.

Lahore’s People:
Like other the Lahoris are always welcoming and friendly. With their sweet language, Punjabi, and loving gestures, they make people to fall in love with them. Everywhere in Lahore you would find people with big grins and enlightened faces. The people of Lahore are too loud that you can hear them speak from quite a distance. This makes this city noisy and alive!

Lahore’s Buildings:
The buildings of Lahore are both; old and new ones. Some of them are as old as 80-90 years and some are just a decade or two older so you can say that it is a place with a blend of old and new times. Moreover, it is also rich with the historical buildings, char burj building, shalamar garden and Badshahi Mosque etc.

So, now you know what actually is Lahore! Do visit this place and meet with the freshest souls on the planet earth with their lively nature.


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