Palauan women

Women in Palau, known also as Palauan women, Belauan women, Pelew (archaic English) women, or Women of Los Palaos Islands (Spanish influenced name) are women who live in or are from Palau. Historically, there was a strong “gendered division of labor” between women and men of Palau. To women belonged activities like farming and collection of shellfish (men were in charge of house construction and community building). Present-day women – among Palauan men – are participants to wage labor. Although women now occupy jobs as physicians, lawyers and business managers. In relation to the history of national politics of Palau, Sandra Pierantozzi became the Vice President of Palau, and is now serving as Palau’s Foreign Minister. There is already the first Palauan woman serving on the Supreme Court of Palau. Traditionally, a Senior Palauan woman can become a part of the village council leadership, who has powers to select and remove male titleholders. They have decision-making authority in terms of matriline-controlled property and wealth (money are received by women on behalf of clans).