Mouride Brotherhood

The Mouride brotherhood (yoonu murit in Wolof, الطريقة المريدية, Aṭ-Ṭarīqat al-Murīdiyya or simply مريدية, Murīdiyya in Arabic) is a large Islamic Sufi order most prominent in Senegal and the Gambia, with headquarters in the holy city of Touba, Senegal. The followers are called Mourides, from the Arabic word murīd (literally “one who desires”), a term used generally in Sufism to designate a disciple of a spiritual guide. The beliefs and practices of the Mourides constitute Mouridism. The Mouride brotherhood was founded in 1883 in Senegal by Amadou Bamba. The Mouride make up around 1/6 of the total population in Senegal. Their influence over everyday life can be seen throughout Senegal.