Mizmar () is the name of a folkloric dance native to the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. The dance involves moving while twirling a bamboo cane, to the music of drums. The dance and music have strong African influences. In the past, the ritual was associated with spiritual healing practices, similar to Fann At-Tanbura. famous players: From Jeddah: Abdul Aziz Samdo,Ibrahim Yasser(Al Qush)- Mamdouh (king of caddy) – Aalghembo – Omar Scorpio – Majid Al Kaii – Ali Alberno teacher – Adam Jar – Khaled Hunting – Hamada Abu Ali- Abdullah Sheikh(Sico)- Abu Draa – Abdul Rahman Bachlka and Jawx and Abdelshakourand seen him. Khudairy Abu Ayman Youssef Bakr teacher- Muhannad