Mezwed (مزود) is a genre of popular traditional music based on oriental rhythms, believed by Tunisians to be completely different from Egyptian Saahbi music. It incorporates traditional Tunisian drums called Darbouka and a kind of bagpipe called a mizwad with a bag made from ewe’s leather. Usually it is sung in a local (Tunisian) dialect of Arabic. Originally the music of the countryside and the working classes; it is often played at weddings and parties. It has its own particular dance in which people enter a trance-like state. The themes of Mezwed are social, typically: immigration, racism, family and love. Nowadays new fusions of Mezwed, with Hip-Hop and Rap are becoming popular. The most popular singers are Fatma Boussaha, Samir Loussif and Hedi Habbouba.