Maureen Lilanda

Born on April 24, 1967, Maureen Lupo Lilanda is a renowned jazz artist hailing from Lusaka, Zambia. Often referred to as ‘Aunty Maureen’ in music circles, Lilanda is celebrated as a singer, songwriter, and performer. Her musical style is a captivating fusion of modern beats and rhythms with the authentic sounds of Zambia.

Over the years, Aunty Maureen has released several albums, including ‘Nandayeya,’ ‘Coming Home,’ ‘Evolution,’ ‘Tetwe,’ and ‘Soul Masala.’ As of 2016, she was signed to the ZAMMO Sounds Record label and led the European band ‘Le Banquets Nomade,’ contributing to the album ‘Afora.’

A versatile artist, Lilanda was also the lead singer for the famous Zambian Acapella group, Amashiwi. She has graced local and international stages, sharing her talent with audiences worldwide. Notable collaborations include performances with the Malmo Symphony of Sweden, Oliver Mtukudzi, Fra Fra of the Netherlands, Magic System, Baba Maal of Senegal, Black Voices of the UK, Leona Lewis, Jonathan Butler, and Seal. Additionally, Lilanda led the female Acapella group Amashiwi to Japan.

Recognized for her musical achievements, Aunty Maureen has received numerous awards, including the National Arts Council (NAC) Award for Best Female Artiste, multiple Ngoma awards, two Azami awards, and the Starmaker accolade. She was also nominated for the South Africa Kora Award for Best Female Artist and, in 2014, received the prestigious Born ‘n’ Bred Lifetime Achievement Award.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Lilanda holds a Diploma in Journalism and engages in motivational speaking. Her music and public addresses tackle pressing issues such as malaria, HIV, child abuse, domestic violence, morality, religion, and coping with the loss of a loved one.

Maureen Lupo Lilanda stands as not only a musical icon but also a versatile artist and advocate, making a significant impact on both the cultural and social fronts.