coconut candy

Coconut candy refer to various candies made with coconut or coconut flavorings. In Vietnamese cuisine kẹo dừa coconut candy is most commonly produced in Bến Tre province, Vietnam with coconut milk and coconut cream. In the U.S., coconut candy was often misspelled as cocoanut candy. These included various traditional confections in the United States. Mason Pecan Cocoanut Candy was made in the 1950s in Milprint, Milwaulkee. Squirrel Brand made Cocoanut Zippers. There was also a Mason Cherry Cocoanut candy produced in Mineola New York. Judging from the image of a coconut on some brands, cocoanut may be a misspelling of coconut. Welch’s made Cocoanut Candy Bar from Hinde & Dauch. Welch’s Cocoanut candy was also produced by the James O’ Welch Company. Sauerkraut candy is made with grated coconut. Grated coconut is often used to various chocolate confections.