Chhetri or Chhettri (), synonymous with Kshetri () and Khatri () are all derivatives of Kshatriya (), the warrior and ruler caste group or varna of Hinduism. Chhetris speak Nepali, the national language, and are part of the dominant Khasa culture and the wider Pahari Khas-Nepali population. Chhetri refers to Kshatriyas from the hills of Nepal but also from the Nepalese Terai or India. It is an Indo-Aryan group. They formed Nepal’s largest caste group, 15.5% of the population. Chhetris are overwhelmingly Hindu (99.48% according to the 2001 Census). In Nepal’s hill districts their proportion of the population rises to 41% compared to 31% Brahmin and 27% other castes. This greatly exceeds the Kshatriya portion in most regions with predominantly Hindu populations. Other variant of the last name are: Khatri, Chetry, Chhettri.