Delicious food of Lahore

Delicious food of Lahore

Pakistan is a country that’s rich in culture and heritage. Every area has its own style and specialty of cuisine. A city that is known for its delicious and tasteful dishes is Lahore. The Lahori are famous throughout the country because of their immense love for food. The Lahori cuisine has also become quite popular abroad because of its milder and palatable taste, mostly via the Pakistani diaspora.

If we talk about the history of the cuisine, it can be seen that the arrival of Islam in the South Asia had a great influence on the food of the subcontinent. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat pork, and halal dietary restrictions are closely followed. Areas of food such as lamb, chicken, vegetables and fish are in focus of Pakistanis. The Pakistani food is influenced by Central Asian, Middle Eastern and South Asian culture and is ubiquitous. The Lahori food is affected by the Mughal and Punjabi cuisine. The cuisine of the city is a fusion of traditional food, foreign and western food.

The list of restaurants and popular dishes in Lahore are endless but some stand out from among the others. Butt Karahi is one of the most popular places in Lahore because of its mouthwatering karhai. It is located on the main Mcleod road. The restaurant is not high end and is more towards the Dhabi style. Another very popular dish among the locals is nihari. Mohammadi Nihari is the best place to go eat nihari; they say you haven’t had nihari if you have not tasted Mohammadi’s nihari.

Another traditional food popular in Lahore is Siri payee of goat. It is cooked in the finest style and in a customary way. The taste of Siri Payee is one of a kind and nothing beats it. Phaja dey Paye is the most famous place to devour Siri Payee. It is located close to the Badshai Masjid and has been there for almost half a century. A hot fresh plate of payee right from the oven kulchas on a chilly morning act as the ideal breakfast.

The best lassi in town is served up by a place called Fiqay ki lassi. The classic peray wali lassi that they offer is so famous that no matter what time you go there, you would have to get a token and have to wait for a long period of time. But it is totally worth the wait.

Lahori cuisine does not disappoint anyone, for the people who love eating fish the best fried fish is offered by a small shop in Mazung known as Bashir Darul Mahi. The crispy fish can be enjoyed with tamarind and radish sauce and some very hot naan.

For the people who get tired of the oil filled desi food, Mmalam road in Lahore is home to most of the best western cuisine restaurants. Places like Espresso, Cosa Nostra and the English tea house are rather popular for their impeccable service and tasty food.


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