Co working spaces in Pakistan

When you enter the professional field, having a professional working environment is just as important
and has a major effect on the productivity of people around. The reason why a lot of startups, small size
specifically, fail to reach the desired level is because they are unable to give their workers the official
working environment. Solution to this problem has been found and is offered in Pakistan in form of
working spaces. These working spaces are majorly being used by freelancers and entrepreneurs who
want a separate place to work.

This co working space is shared by a lot of people who may be working for the same company or may
even be working independently as freelancers. Those who find it difficult to work at home because of
lack of privacy will be able to make the most out of these working spaces. In these few years, a lot of co
working spaces have opened which have solved a lot of issues for entrepreneurs and the trend is being
welcomed by all. This is the list of the top co working spaces in Pakistan.

Basecamp Peshawar

Located at Nasir Bagh Road in Peshawar, the space has been decorated with vibrant colors and has a
fast Wi-Fi availability along with 24 hour power supply.

Dot Zero

It is located at Tariq Road in Karachi and has all the facilities which are needed to run a smooth business
environment. They also have a cafeteria which the workers can use for their lunch and tea time.


Located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Karachi, this working space aims to attract thinkers and activists who like
to bring a change in the country. There are entrepreneurs, teachers and other artists who together work
on ideas that can help solve some of the problems which the people of Pakistan face.

LCE Plug n Play Centre

The working space is located inside a university in Lahore, LUMS. This provides working space for people
but the rent is charged per head for every individual. Once they get themselves registered, they can
start using the space within 48 hours. Over here they will be given the facility of 24 hour power supply,
fast internet, cafeteria, office boys, security guard and almost every other essential which is there in an
office. People are also encouraged to attend the monitoring sessions which are held after every short
while to help entrepreneurs aim for growth.


It is located in Cantonment area of Lahore and has a plus point because the users are not supposed to
pay deposit and can stay for as much time as they prefer, even if it is for a few days. Other than the
basic office facilities, there is a relaxation room and gaming arena so that workers can freshen their
mind every now and then.

All these office spaces are further improving their facilities so that is suits the specific requirements of
different users and attracts them to work for long time.


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