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Are you struggling to start a business online? Are you confused regarding the procedure that will have to be followed? Are you thinking about the hurdles before even initiating anything? Worry not, I would like to suggest to you the right solution for all your problems, Pakistan’s latest invention Chikoo.

Providing utmost convenience to your customers is the first step towards success. In order to build a successful online business, it is significant to choose the best online platform for you. Moreover, the reason why I suggest Chikoo is because it provides you with a way to take your already existing business a step forward, and make it a bigger success. It allows you to grow your business digitally, and be more prominent in today’s world. This e-commerce platform will be your first and most important chance to leave an impact on your customers. If you do not have any e-commerce experience, worry not, as the app is extremely user-friendly and one of the best apps to take your business to a whole new level.

Chikoo does it all for you. The high-tech advanced app is designed to support individuals with hundreds of built-in features and loads of innovative elements to make your business unique. The app allows its customers to build their own scalable online store.

Why Chikoo?
In today’s ever-evolving world, with the fast pace technology, Chikoo has taken the chance to become the foremost app to help your business grow digitally; apart from letting you create an e-store in three minutes, the app also allows its users to have the facility of managing their inventory, payments as well as shipping. Moreover, the app does not only require its customers to visit them on their official page only, but also allows multiple selling options, such as your website, and through various markets and social media, you can sell goods directly; like mobile, social media, online market places, etc.

In addition, Chikoo is wholly managed through a smartphone app that is cloud-based and hosted, which means you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. This gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, the app has used a user-friendly approach that allows customers to simply use basic thinking to get to work.

Chikoo dives into all its user requirements and has emerged as the app that offers a blend of every important feature. The ease of use, prices, designs, marketing tools, and a lot more where the app helps you decide if it’s actually right for you.

The app is nothing like the current apps, and the app allows you to build an online store within three minutes! Yes, you read it right, within three minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

How does Chikoo work?
When I say the app is extremely user-friendly, I mean by every inch of it. To emphasize this statement, let me tell you why. On opening the official website: you are directed towards a language page; on choosing your preferred language and adding in your contact number, you can set up a store in three minutes. As per the app, the users can simply download and install the Chikoo app from Google Playstore, enter their respective phone numbers, their business name, and set their website URL. And tada!

Your store is ready!
If you think that adding products to the store will be a hurdle, worry not. You can simply add products by scanning the barcode on the product, searching for a product in the Chikoo database by name, or creating a custom product using your own images. Unlike other e-stores, Chikoo has not limited itself to a PC or a desktop computer; Chikoo is an android app, and all you need to manage your store is an android smartphone and internet connection. What else would one ever wish for? It is significant to inform you that the tech-savvy app, Chikoo, will soon be available on the Apple App Store.

Furthermore, if you are someone who does not have a good investment, Chikoo has also taken care of you in that matter. The app only charges PKR 15/- per order on your store regardless of the order size. There is no signup and setup cost, which means you will only pay when you receive an order.
That is not all. The app has added a video tutorial on its official page to allow its users not to face any inconvenience and experience a smooth procedure.

Would you still ask as to why I call it a user-friendly app? And why is it the best e-commerce platform for you to start your business? I am sure you will not wait further and seize the opportunity to expand your business digitally.


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