Bihari culture and Traditions

Bihar, located in the eastern part of India,⁣ is a state rich in cultural‍ heritage and traditions. The Bihari culture is a blend of various influences, including Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist traditions. The people⁤ of Bihar take immense pride in ​their cultural practices, ‌which have been passed down through generations. This article aims​ to provide an in-depth exploration of Bihari culture and traditions, covering various ⁤aspects such as people, languages and literature, dresses, cuisine and food, sports and festivals, arts and crafts, weddings, dance,⁣ music, paintings, and top places to visit.

‍What is ⁢Bihari Culture and ⁤Traditions?

Bihari culture ‌refers to the way of life, beliefs, customs, and practices followed by the people of Bihar. It encompasses various aspects such as art, music, dance, literature, festivals, and cuisine.⁣ Bihari traditions are deeply rooted ⁢in‌ the state’s history and have ‍been ‌shaped ‌by the diverse influences‍ of different​ dynasties and religions that have ruled the region over the centuries.

People, Languages, and Literature


Bihar is home to a diverse population comprising various ethnic groups. The majority of the ​population consists of Indo-Aryans, Dravidians, and Mongoloids. The people of Bihar are​ known for their warm hospitality, simplicity, and strong community bonds. They ⁤take great pride in their cultural heritage and are deeply⁤ rooted in their traditions.

Languages and Literature

The official language of Bihar is Hindi, but Bihari dialects such as Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithili, and Angika are also widely spoken. These dialects have a rich literary tradition and have produced renowned poets, writers, and scholars.‍ Notable literary figures from Bihar include Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Phanishwar Nath Renu, and Vidyapati.


Bihari traditional attire reflects the cultural diversity of⁣ the state. Women commonly wear sarees, such as‍ the Madhubani saree, which ⁢is known for its intricate hand-painted designs. ‌Men often wear dhoti-kurta or sherwani during festivals and special occasions. The traditional attire of ⁢Biharis showcases vibrant colors and intricate ⁢embroidery, ‌representing the ‌artistic skills of the region.

Cuisine and Food

Bihari cuisine ⁢is known for its simplicity and unique flavors. The staple food of Bihar includes rice, wheat, and lentils. Some popular dishes include litti-chokha, sattu paratha, khaja, and the ⁤famous Bihari thali. Bihari cuisine is ‌characterized by the use of mustard oil, ​panch phoron (a blend of five spices), and a variety of spices⁢ that add ⁤a distinct taste to the dishes.

Sports and Festivals


Bihar‍ has a rich sporting‍ culture, ‍with a particular emphasis on traditional sports. Kabaddi, kho-kho, and gilli-danda are popular traditional sports played in the state. Bihar has also produced several renowned athletes in various sports, including cricket, hockey, and wrestling.


Bihar celebrates a plethora of festivals⁣ throughout the year. Chhath Puja, a major festival dedicated to the Sun God,⁢ is ‍one of the most significant festivals in⁤ Bihar. Other important festivals include Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Makar Sankranti. These festivals bring people together,⁤ fostering a sense⁣ of unity and cultural harmony.

Arts ​and Crafts

Bihar⁤ is ​known for its ⁤rich artistic heritage, with various forms of art and crafts flourishing in the region. Madhubani⁤ painting, a traditional ⁣art form characterized by intricate designs and vibrant colors, originated in Bihar. The state is also famous for its stone carvings, pottery, ‍and sikki grass craft. ⁢These art forms‌ not ⁤only showcase ‌the creativity of the artisans but⁢ also preserve ‌the cultural heritage of Bihar.


Bihari weddings are ‌grand affairs, filled ‌with rituals and traditions that reflect the cultural values of the region. The wedding ceremonies span several days and involve various customs, including the exchange of garlands, the application of henna, and the tying of the sacred thread. Bihari weddings are known for their vibrant decorations, traditional attire, and sumptuous feasts.

Dance, Music,⁣ and Paintings


Bihar has a rich tradition of folk dances, each with its unique style and significance. Some popular folk dances include Jat-Jatin, Jhijhian, and Jumariya. These ​dances are performed during festivals, weddings, and other celebratory occasions,⁤ showcasing ⁤the cultural vibrancy of​ Bihar.

⁣ Music

Bihari music is diverse, ranging from classical to folk‍ and devotional genres. ‌Bhojpuri music, known for its catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics, has gained popularity not only in Bihar but also in other parts of India. Bihari music is often accompanied by‍ traditional instruments such as the dholak, harmonium,⁢ and​ tabla.


Madhubani painting, as mentioned earlier, is a prominent art form in‌ Bihar. It is characterized by⁣ its intricate designs and vibrant colors, depicting various themes ⁤such as nature, mythology, and social issues. Madhubani paintings have gained international recognition and are considered a significant ‍contribution to the world of art.

Top Places to Visit

Bihar is home to several historical and ‍cultural landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world. Some ‌of the must-visit places include:

  1. Bodh Gaya: The place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment.
  2. Nalanda: The ancient seat of learning and ‌one of the oldest universities in the world.
  3. Rajgir:​ A historical city known for its hot springs and ancient ruins.
  4. Patna: The capital city of Bihar, with historical sites⁤ such as the Golghar⁣ and Patna Museum.
  5. Vaishali:⁣ An important Buddhist pilgrimage site and the⁣ birthplace of Lord Mahavira.

Key Takeaway

Bihari culture and traditions are deeply rooted in the history and heritage of‌ the ⁣region. The people of Bihar take immense pride in their cultural practices, which are reflected in various aspects such as ⁢language, literature, art, ⁣music, dance, and cuisine. The state’s rich cultural heritage, coupled with its historical landmarks, makes Bihar a fascinating destination ‍for those seeking‍ to​ explore and experience the⁣ vibrant traditions of this⁢ region.


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