Basant: The good, the bad and everything else

Many of us are stuck between the thought of whether to fly a kite or not, our government seems to be confused whether or not to allow the festival but despite all of this, one cannot ignore the beauty and charm that is associated with the days. The festival originally is celebrated in Punjab and historically belongs to the same area too, and was started by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is celebrated in the early days of February and usually marks the start of spring season.

It is a very colorful event in which people usually dress up in bright yellow color and organize gatherings with music and delicious food to complement the celebration. The variety of kites is also admirable, there are kites of almost all sizes and multiple colors which decorate the sky and make it sight worth capturing. People usually indulge themselves in competitions where everyone has to make sure their kite stays flying in the sky, while that whose kite line is cut automatically loses the competition. The enthusiasm people have for this one festival has always been immense. Not just children or teens, but adults too look forward to it and participate with equal interest.

The problem, however, arises with the safety issues that are associated with it. People are never too careful about everything, which is why some people suffer the effects of it. Kite flying is usually done on rooftops where there is ample space and spacious organization can be done as well. The rooftops aren’t protected with grills and due to this very reason, sometimes unfortunate accidents of people falling off occur. This results in great physical harm and sometimes death as well. Moreover, the kite line is very sharp and when it is not held with care, unfortunate event happen. When one kite’s line cuts the other one, it starts to fly away until it finally reaches the ground. While it makes its way to the ground or some other place, there is a chance that the line gets in contact with someone’s neck or hand or any other body part and the consequence would be great. There have been many instances where kids have lost their lives because their necks were cut by the sharp kite line. Also, children try to pick kites that have been stuck in trees and this activity alone gets really dangerous and harmful.

Due to all these reasons, the government decided to ban the festival and not allow it for any one. This made people really sad and there was some opposition too but at the end it wasn’t in the hands of people to decide. The festival is surely a reason for families to unite together and celebrate but not at the risk of other people’s lives and physical well being. It is therefore necessary that people find a way to incorporate this festival in a way that the dangers associated with it are minimized. Once that happens, neither the government nor any other party would have anything against this colorful and rejoicing event.


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