Amazing Pakistanis that made Pakistan proud

Amazing Pakistanis that made Pakistan proud

Pakistan is a country blessed with amazing talented individuals. It is home to many inspiring people. A country which prospers on versatility and has a very rich culture. Many of the individuals who have made its country proud are not very famous but they have worked very hard in their own fields to promote Pakistan’s name worldwide. Some of the many talented personalities have been discussed in this article.

Abdul Sattar Eidi was a humanitarian, social activist and philanthropist. For almost sixty years Abdul Sattar Eidi ran the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan. He gave rise to the world’s largest ambulance network and his organization operates women’s shelters, orphanages, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres for drug addicts and mentally ill people throughout Pakistan. He changed the lives of many people and gave people who had given up hope or a desire to live a better brighter future.

Syeda Ghulam Fatima is another Pakistani who has rendered great service to the people of Pakistan. In September 2015 she was awarded with the Clinton Global Citizen Award for leasdership in civil society. She is a labour rights activist that works for the betterment of bonded labour in the country. She is also known for speaking for the compliance of International Labour Organization’s labour standards in the country.

If Pakistan’s film and drama industry is talked about, no conversation is complete without the mention of Moin Akhtar’s name. He was one of the greatest performers that ever lived in Pakistan. He was very versatile and the service he provided to Pakistan’s silver screen and stage setup can never be matched. He was an intelligent poet, an extraordinary impersonator and a spontaneous yet humble human being who was loved by the entire nation.

Arfa Kareem was another Pakistani treasure who died on 14 of January 2012 from an epileptic attack. She was the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the mere age of 9 in 2004. She was invited by Bill Gates to the Microsoft Headquarter because of her astonishing results and performance. President Zardari awarded her with the Pride of Performance. She also received Salaam Pakistan Youth Award and Fatimah Jinnah Gold Medal.

Sharif Awan is a music producer who was awarded a gold medal for his album Raag at the Global Music Award which was held in California on the 16th of June.

Jahangir Khan is considered as the best player of squash in history. During his career he won the world open six times and the British open ten times. He served as the president of World Squash Federation for six years. “I was told I would never become world champion. I was the youngest, smallest, feeblest and sickest of the family. Neither the doctor nor my father believed there was any chance for me to become a good squash player” – says Jahangir Khan in his book ‘Winning Squash’.

Naseem Hameed is considered as the fastest woman in South Asia. She won a gold medal at the 2010 South Asian Games. She is titled as the Queen of Tracks.


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