No matter what the country is what the era is, women have always been subject to gender discrimination. The weaker sex some will say. For centuries women have been treated as second class citizens. In a male oriented world is it very difficult to be a woman. Though the situation for women in Pakistan is better than that it used to be in the past several years.

In this fast developing world the mind-set of many has changed. In this modern world there is no moderation. Extremists have mad the whole gender war situation worse. On one hand we have liberal feminists who do not only think that women should get equal rights as men but some go as far as to consider that women have more rights than men.

They want all the privileges that men get but turn into victims once they are treated like men. For example they think it’s wrong for a man to hit women but it is okay for a woman to hit a man.

Then on the other side we have the religious fanatics or male chauvinists, who believe that it’s okay to treat women like animals and that the poor souls should have no rights what so ever.  They act like Gods and consider it their right to torture woman in any way they please.

Modern Pakistan is divided between these groups. Being an Islamic country there are certain customs the citizens are presumes to follow but then the teachings are exploited by these two groups, leaving the rest very confused.

There is no clear determination of the rules. People do not know how to treat one another. The people of Pakistan have started educating their daughters, but when it comes to using that knowledge and doing jobs. They are forbidden. This leads many women to the depths of depression as they have put their heart and soul into getting good degrees but they become useless if they are not allowed to polish them.

With the world becoming a more dangerous and scary place, parents have limited the freedom of their daughters. Instead of telling their sons and teaching them to respect women and not harass them, these people lock their daughters in their homes.

The world is content when the woman is the inferior party in any situation, when she is the victim. Some may even pity her and try to help but  God forbid if she takes charge of her life and does something as serious as get a divorce from her abusive husband, she is taunted for life. They question her choices, is it honourable for her to go to court where only convicts are seen? How will such a decision affect her family especially her daughters? Will they face problems regarding marriage proposals in the future or not? Without having any idea of what is really going on, the relatives and acquaintances start giving their verdict and the gossip begins. All they agree on is that she should try harder to make her marriage work.

The divorced woman gets blamed for the divorce even if it is not her fault. If she remarries, people begin questioning her character and her morals. She is perceived as someone who is clever and evil. How could she have found someone so quickly? Was she having an affair during her first marriage and is that why she filed for divorce?

Even the single woman who want to live their life as they please. Work, travel, and not get married at the right age. They are also thought too liberal and rebellious.

Men cannot be blamed for everything. Women are the biggest critics of women. And no matter how modern the society gets jealousy will always prevail.

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