What is success? Success for some people might be earning millions of dollars, buying a favorite car, or living in a dream house. For others, success is achieving fame and having millions of followers. Still, some other people define success as peace of mind, contentment, or satisfaction in life and achieving happiness. But there is still another category of people who define success and accomplishments in life by the impact they had on the world. The change or difference they made in the life of people who were less fortunate. Only a few people have achieved success in this impactful way. Fatimah Haroon is one of them.

Fatimah Haroon - Palais des Festivals, Cannes

Fatimah Haroon is a professional photographer from Pakistan. At an early age, she knew she wanted to be a photographer. But, her journey towards the achievement of this dream was full of hurdles. Pakistani society is a male-dominated society in which women have to live as literally second-class citizens. It is uncommon for women to work in Pakistan and most are expected to remain at homes and serve their fathers and husbands. A lot of women in Pakistan are deprived of education. They do not possess many rights but are expected to take responsibility and look after the children. Fatimah Haroon keenly observed the Patriarchal system of her country. She knew that if she did not strive to resist patriarchy and to achieve her dreams, her future would be no different than the miserable, struggling, and rights-deprived women of Pakistan. Fatimah Haroon hustled day and night. She did not listen to naysayers and people who brutally criticized her. She continued her struggle in silence. She knew that the women in Pakistan need someone to look upon as a beacon of hope. A person who can make them realize their self-worth, and inspire them to strive for their destination against all odds. She accomplished her dream and became a globally renowned photographer. She is an inspiration for many girls and women in Pakistan and all over the world who are struggling to achieve their ambitions.

Fatimah Haroon

Fatimah Haroon was born in Karachi, Pakistan. But, moved to Islamabad when her parents relocated there. She was extremely passionate about photography. She loved to photograph the world around her. After graduating from high school in Islamabad, she went to study in England, London in her field of interest. She majored in Psychology, International Relations, and Media. She studied at the University of Arts, London, and Birmingham City University.

Fatimah Haroon graduation day

After graduating from college, she continued her passion for photography. She started small on her journey to become a professional photographer. She used to take pictures of her friends and family with her DSLR and captured moments at classical happenings such as marriages and fashion shows. After some time, she covered famous magazines and newspapers. Fatimah Haroon achieved success on an international scale. She has worked in Bollywood and Hollywood. She also worked with renowned names such as Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor. Her work is praised by everyone who has expertise in photography and film making. Fatimah also attended the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. She is known by the stage name “Fatography”. She was the youngest Pakistani female photographer in 2009. She is the youngest Pakistani female to ever walk on the red carpet in Cannes. She is also the youngest Pakistani female who became an internationally acclaimed filmmaker.

Fatimah Haroon with Parent on graduation day

Fatimah Haroon broke the barriers set for her by society. She was determined, consistent and a hustler from an early age. She knew hard work and determination could compensate for her lack of opportunities. She overcame the obstructions in her way to achieving her goal and did not allow her barriers to become her excuses. She will remain an inspiration for everyone who wishes to achieve success and make an impact in the world. Fatimah did not pay heed to people who discouraged her and doubted her abilities to achieve her ambitions. She was invited to speak at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. Fatimah Haroon is currently working on her future projects in filmmaking and photo shooting. Because of her efforts, photography started to get respected in Pakistani households. Many young people in Pakistan want to follow Fatimah’s footsteps and achieve excellence in photography.

Fatimah Haroon - Oxford Street

Fatimah Haroon brought attention to her home country through her work in photography. She made her fellow citizens proud of her work. She worked and competed with male photographers and proved her self-worth to everyone. She believes that women in Pakistan can play a more impactful role in society if they are better educated and are provided with opportunities. She has made a huge impact on the life of a lot of people because of her success in photography. To this day, Fatimah continues to inspire and motivate girls and women who are willing to strive for a better future.

Fatimah Haroon - Cannes Film Festival

Fatimah Haroon Turgut Alp

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