Kourion () or Latin: Curium, an ancient city in Cyprus occupied from the Late Bronze Age until the Early Byzantine peirod. Kourion is situated atop a bluff along the southwestern coast of Cyprus, approximately 16 km west of Limassol, and west of the outlet of the Kouris River. A city of considerable importance within antique Cyprus, Kourion is well attested by ancient authors, including: Ptolemy (v. 14. § 2), Stephanus of Byzantium, Hierocles, and Pliny the Elder. The Kourion arhcaeological area lies within the Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area, which forms part of the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. The site is maintained and administrated by Cyprus Department of Antiquities. The majority of the excavated remains date from the Hellenistic to Early Byzantine periods, though occupation within the area dates back to the Neolithic period.