Fużūlī (or Fuduli, فضولی; , c. 1494 – 1556) was the pen name of the Azerbaijani or the Bayat branch of Oghuz Turkic and Ottoman poet, writer and thinker Muhammad bin Suleyman (محمد بن سليمان). Often considered one of the greatest contributors to the Dîvân tradition of Azerbaijani literature, Fuzûlî in fact wrote his collected poems (dîvân) in three different languages: in his nativePeter Rollberg. The modern encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet literature (including Non-Russian and Emigre literatures) / Edited by Harry B. Weber. — Academic International Press, 1987. — Volume 8. — Page 76. In Mesopotamia Fuzuli was in intimate contact with three cultures — Turkic, Arabic, and Persian. Besides his native Azeri, he learned Arabic and Persian at an early age and acquired a through command of the literatures in all three languages, an accomplishment in which the cosmopolitan literary and scholarly circles of Hilla played an important role. Azerbaijani Turkish, Persian, and Arabic. Although his Turkish works are written in the Azeri dialect of Turkish, he was well-versed in both the Ottoman and the Chagatai Turkic literary traditions as well. He was also well versed in mathematics and astronomy.